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                                                         …Live, Work and Learn – WITHOUT  PAIN !!!
                                                               This is not a slogan and not an advertising statement,
                                                                this is an appeal to you – our fellow citizens, friends.

                                                            We know how hard people work and how hard it

                                                                     is when somebody in your family feels unwell.

                                                                       In our clinics you will receive everything

                                                                                 that we would like you to –

                                                                      respect, consideration, care, course advice

                                                                      and treatment at a high professional level.

                                                         Doctors in our clinics were trained in the former Soviet Union,
                                                             worked and raised to a professional  level in Europe,
                                                                      Israel,  currently working  in England.  
                                                                                           Our doctors speak                  
                                                         Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Polish and English.
                                                                      They hold UK recognized qualifications.
             Used for the diagnosis of advanced equipment with the help of the latest technology.
           We work in contact with hospitals and specialists in England and the European Union
               (when required or on request of the patient he/she will be given the necessary
               consultation or surgery).
           Our clinics are located in city centers of London and Peterborough,
                in locations with convenient transport and parking for cars.
           Our Clinics are open at a convenient time for you.
           You can find more information about our Clinics and Doctors in “SERVICES”.



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