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Diagnosis and treatment:




 -  menstrual disorders      

    (delay of menstruation, uterine bleeding,      

    heavy and painful periods, absence of menstruation);

 - infertility (primary secondary);

 - advice on in vitro fertilization;

 - hyperplastic polyps and endometrial processes;

 - uterine fibroids;

 - various sites of endometriosis;

 - polycystic ovaries;

 - climacteric syndrome;

 - gynecological problems of children and adolescents;

 - ovarian dysfunction and concomitant endocrine diseases      (thyroid disease, adrenal, pituitary adenoma);

 - cervical pathology;

 - selection of hormonal contraception;

 - swabs for urogenital infections.


   Ultrasound scan


                             !!! NEW !!!     Early diagnosis of ovarian and cervical cancer

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