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Ultrasound scans
in gynaecology and pregnancy
2D - 3D - 4D


Scans is conducted on the machine 3D – 4D


• Gynaecological scan

               for the most and accurate diagnosis of gynaecological diseases

• Ultrasound in pregnancy






  -  early diagnosis of pregnancy (5 - 13 weeks)

                   is used to confirm the pregnancy,

                   the number of fetuses,   

                   the presence or absence of fetal heart.


  -  viability and dating scan (10 – 16 weeks)








   - definition of early signs of fetal abnormalities and screening for genetic anomalies                                  (Down syndrome, trisomy 13 and 18)11 – 13 weeks and 6 days

                 This is not a diagnostic test, this screening test that includes ultrasound sings

        (nuchal fold thickness determination, the presence of nasal bone)

and blood test

                              (to determine the level of two hormones) - high or low risk.


   -  detailed ultrasound (20 – 24 weeks)

              Defines an anomaly and fetal growth, placental location, amount of amniotic fluid.

   - length of cervix















    - fetal growth scan (24 – 34 weeks)





    - fetal presentation (from 35 weeks)



    -  gender scan (18 – 34 weeks)97% accuracy


   - 3D – 4D scan (24 – 32 weeks). Movements of the fetus in real time


Here you will get the necessary advice and answers to

all your questions about your unborn baby.


Of your choice, you will taken pictures and recorded a

short film of your baby.

             !!!  NEW  !!!


    non-invasive prenatal test



              accuracy for

    chromosomal abnornality

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