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Manual therapy
Complementary medicine
Rehabilitation treatment

… - Doctor! Back pain! I can not turn around, bend over! Numb leg!
… - Doctor! Neck pain! Numb fingers!

 With these and similar complains refer people to our clinic.

 From a medical point of view, we often deal with problems:

   • acute and chronic pain in lower back;
   • lumbago;
   • sciatica;
   • slipped discs;
   • trapped nerves;
   • backaches;
   • high neck muscles stress;
   • pain in shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle or    

      any another joints;
   • osteochondrosis;
   • whiplash after car accidents;
   • various sport injuries;
For treatment, we use techniques and methods  

     complementary therapy:

   • manual and craniosacral therapy – is performed by hand specialist complex of biomechanical techniques to removal pain, restore mobility in the joints and spine, stress relief in musculo-ligament systems  and normalization movement of cerebrospinal fluid.
    • acupressure - ancient method of treatment based on the effects of  fingers specialist bio active points of the human body.
     • auriculopressure - treatment by the action of bio active points ear.
    • reflexology - effects on the active zone of the projection of human organs, located on the plantar surfaces of hands and the plantar surface of foot.
     • massage therapy – general, remedial, relax, deep tissue, anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, sport …;
contemporary medicine:

     • ultrasound

     • electrotherapy ... .

If necessary will be given:
-  referral to an X–ray;
-  MRI scan; to hospital;
-  to specialist for surgery;

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